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bush vs the Dixie Chicks
Bush prepares us for war, but those damn protesters wont shut there trap. This includes the country singing trio the Dixie Chicks, who at there concert in London said "we're ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas." is this any kind of behavior that we should exepect from a respected country artist? why is it that stars open there mouths with out knowing what there talking about, I cant really expect them to be informed there all democrates anyway but you would think in a postion of infulence like that they would research what there saying a little.
where ever bush
Saddam Hussein on Sunday said Iraq was ready to fight the United States anywhere in the world if we launched a war. "When the enemy opens the war on a large scale it should realize that the battle between us will be waged wherever there is sky, earth and water anywhere in the world,"says saddam. Saddam says judge lest ye not be judged but, who will if we dont? as the most powerful country in the wourld I feel its our responsibilty to keep the world safe and try to prevent leaders from starving there country, to build weapons just to destroy more. We cant belive saddam wants thoses weapons to look at them and shine them like a new car, he wants to use them and judging by his past he will.
jhon burgges local austinite suports Bush
local austinite jhon is showing his suopport for bush in the up coming war and most of austin feels the same. Only 33% of austinites are opposed to action in Irqa. but with the rest of the country further ahead in its anti war poll percentges It has people wondering, is austin next? I say were not, it sadens me that texans who are so far from the orgianl 13 are more suportive of the country then those damn yankees. Or maybe its just that we know the vaule of freedom that perhapes they have forgotten. The irqais need freedom more than food, or peace (none of which they have anyways) They need to be free from saddam.
Scott McInnis kicks anti war protesters in the ass.
U.S. representative Scott McInnis from Colorado spoke today against the unpatriotic fools who don・・ス「遶・スャ驍・ス「t recognize the freedom and the privileges we enjoy today not because we believe in them but because we fight for them. As he said ・・ス「遶・スャ・・・it was the solider not the poet whos given us the freedom of speech.・・ス「遶・スャ・ゅ・And that is just so true, you can dream or you can act and to get what you want you usually have to do both. He accused many people of being unpatriotic if they, in the following months continued to down play both the government and the soldiers fighting. These people included Sheryl crow, The Dixie chicks and Julia Roberts . His whole speech revolved around our freedom and the responsibility to defend it. He then handed the floor over to his Texan friend who backed his speech and added some tidbits about terrorism.

thats right we have taken bagdad. usa usa. Well in other news were not only taking bagdad but also renaming things and breaking statues on with the slaughter(its my fave thing to do )
do you know how they make beer? do you care ? well you should you drink it after all ! Ill tell you how they make beer, its called firmentation and it involves bacteria ewwww I didnt know that hicup!